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Tool and Tips to Help You Save

Saving money is not always easy.
Below are some ways to help you get started.

Reduce Temptation to Spend

Consider putting money out of reach so you have it for a rainy day.
A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a great way to keep from spending.

Open a Certificate of Deposit

Start Small

Build a saving habit first by putting small amounts into your savings account regularly. Slowly increase the amount over time. The more you save, the easier it becomes to save.

Explore Savings Accounts

Automate Your Savings

If you already have a savings account with us, start by setting up automatic transfers in online or mobile banking. Don't have an online banking login? Enroll today!*

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It Adds Up!

Watch your savings grow while hardly noticing. Even better, watch your savings grow on the go with the Woodforest Mobile Banking App**!

Kick-start Your Savings!

Looking for fun ways to save? Select a challenge below!

Challenging yourself, for one year, to save just $10 per week could save you this much!


Download $10 Challenge

Want to save even more in a year? Challenge yourself to save just $15 per week to save this much!


Download $15 Challenge

Challenge yourself to save $20 per week, and in one year, you could save this much!


Download $20 Challenge

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